Lumber helping lumber in California

The West Coast Lumber & Building Material Association established a fund for those in the industry who have suffered losses from California’s fires.

Fires hit California this year with a fury that may have never been seen before. And those in the lumber industry were not immune to suffering losses.

In response, the West Coast Lumber & Building Material Association established a fund specifically targeting those in the industry in need of assistance. Funds collected by the association will be used for necessities including food, temporary housing and essentials.

“We are aware that some people don’t have homes and permanent places to stay, are sleeping on couches at friends and depending on help from the various welfare agencies,” said Ken Dunham, executive director of the WCLBMA.

This weekend, the association is sending out it’s first $6,000 in checks to those needing assistance. The campaign began as an idea within the association and Sherwood Lumber, an associate member of the WCLBMA, provided an initial “generous” $5,000 donation, according to Dunham.

“There are a lot of good things going on all across this state after the fires and helping those affected, but it is going to take a long time for many to rebuild their lives when they lost everything in such fast-moving fires,” Dunham said.

To contribute to the assistance fund, checks can be sent to: WCLBMA, 177 Parkshore Drive, Folsom, Calif. 95630.

The association asks that any checks contributed to fund should be noted as “Lumber Helping Lumber.”  

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