Lufkin announces availability of Control Series tapes

End users can purchase innovative measuring tool technology at The Home Depot

Lufkin Control Series tape.

Lufkin, a premium tool brand from Apex Tool Group, announced that its new Lufkin Control Series tapes are now available for purchase at Home Depot stores nationwide. 

Watch the video here

The tapes provide greater control and accuracy for construction/trades, industrial, and DIY users. The Lufkin Control Series tapes feature a unique Drag Strip feature on the bottom of the tape which allows users to regulate the feed and return of the tape by applying pressure directly to the blade with their index finger. The opening is ergonomically positioned to allow maximum control while the hand and fingers remain in a natural grip around the tape. 

“The Drag Strip feature is one of the greatest design innovations in measuring tools in years,” said Tobias Bridges, product manager for Lufkin. “No other tape on the market offers this level of control, making the Lufkin Control Series a great addition to any toolbox.” 

The Lufkin Control Series’ ten-foot stand out capability and co-molded rubber grip provide comfort and durability for the toughest of applications. The extra-wide end hook holds onto corners better and makes marking easier and more precise. 

Additionally, the wide slide lock button is ideal for quick and easy use. Lufkin tapes consistently exceed National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) standards in every category, so users can be confident their measurements are consistently accurate. 

The Control Series line is available in three sizes: 16’ - $12.99; 25’ - $15.99; and 30’ - $18.99 lengths. 

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