LP's new SolidGuard LSL defends against shrinkage

LP Building Products has created a new line of defense against termites, decay and shrinkage in the form of its new SolidGuard LSL.

The product is designed to provide a treated sill plate solution to guard against plate shrinkage as wood framing becomes more prevalent in taller multifamily buildings. According to the company, standard dried lumber can contain up to 19% moisture, which can shrink down to 8-12% once the building is finished, disrupting the framing, plumbing, window seals and more.

"Shrinkage is an important concern for lumber in multistory structures as it can affect shear wall performance and structural capability," said Kim Rogers, EWP product manager for LP. "Using LSL for wall plates and sill plates as a part of a wood framing system can significantly reduce plate shrinkage."

SolidGuard LSL is also treated with zinc borate to protect against fungal and termite damage.

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