LP gets ULC listing for Flameblock sheathing

LP’s Flameblock sheathing, a fire-resistant oriented strand board (OSB), has earned a UL listing from the Underwriters Laboratories Canada (ULC). This listing followed three rounds of fire testing by ULC, satisfying requirements for use of the ULC label on the product. The testing was conducted at ULC’s fire testing facility in Toronto, Ontario.

Designed to slow the spread of heat and flames in the event of a fire, LP FlameBlock Fire-Resistant OSB Sheathing features a thin coating of non-toxic magnesium oxide cement and fiberglass strongly bonded to oriented strand board. The coating is highly resistant to fire, while simultaneously increasing the structural performance of the panel.

LP FlameBlock Sheathing is ICC-certified for common roof and wall designs in multi-family and commercial buildings. It can also be used in applications where building codes require a flame-spread rating or burn-through resistance rating -- or where designers and builders desire fire resistance in addition to structural strength and impact resistance. LP FlameBlock Sheathing contains no hazardous chemicals.

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