Lowe's launches recycling centers

Recycling bulbs, batteries and bags.

Mooresville, N.C.-based Lowe’s announced today it has installed recycling centers in 1,700 stores in the continental United States.

The new centers offer a free and convenient way for customers to recycle rechargeable batteries, cell phones, CFLs and plastic shopping bags in an easy-to-use bin near the store entrance the company said.

The company said the new centers will be at each Lowe’s store in the contiguous 48 states. Customers can drop off any expired, unbroken CFL, any rechargeable battery up to 11 pounds and all used cell phones and plastic shopping bags. Lowe’s stores in Canada also feature recycling centers to ensure CFLs and batteries are responsibly recycled. The products are safely shipped to recycling facilities to process and reclaim materials that are used to make new products, the company said.

“Lowe's is always looking for new and better ways to serve our customers and continue to be responsible stewards of the environment,” said Michael Chenard, Lowe’s director of environmental affairs. “Recycling is a simple way to help reduce unnecessary waste in our communities. The recycling centers make it easier for customers to make a difference, and we look forward to continuing to partner with them to promote and support community recycling.”

The recycling centers are the second major green-related roll out for Lowe's, which recently expanded its Energy Centers nationwide. The Energy Centers carry products that measure energy loss, reduce consumption or generate energy through solar power.

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