Look who's going green now: Nascar

Nascar has often been criticized as America's anti-green pastime. But an article in Tuesday's New York Times describes the auto-racing association's efforts to embrace sustainability.

The article, "Going green is good business for gas-guzzling Nascar," points to the largest recycling program in sports, solar panels and racetracks and fuel made of an ethanol blend as highlights of Nascar's eco-program.

Through a partnership with an automotive fluid-recycling firm Safety-Kleen, Nascar will save some 225,000 gallons of fluid. This year, the official fuel of Nascar has been Sunoco Green E 15 ethanol blend.

The Times quoted Michael Lynch, hired by Nascar in 2008 to head up a green initiative: "The incongruity is part of what makes going green in this sport so impactful," he said.

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