A little late night shopping

A Home Depot store in Concord, N.H., reopened late on Jan. 24 after a pick-up truck drove through the wall of a local residence and landed in the living room. According to the story in the Union Leader, the driver of the pick-up lost control of the vehicle on a 90-degree curve in the road and plowed completely through the living room wall. The occupants of the home -- a man and his 7-year-old twin daughters -- escaped injury. But they needed to repair the damage enough to get through the night.

“We needed to get thing buttoned up so the house wouldn't freeze,” said homeowner Bill Tanguay. “We went out to see if we could get our hands on insulation and a thermostat to keep heat running. Home Depot already closed, but they opened up, let us in and helped us out. The manager there made sure we had everything we needed."

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