Liquisol Solar Control Paint aims to temper harsh summer sun

Service Group Distribution has expanded its product offerings with the addition of Liquisol Solar Control Paint, a solution designed to block heat, glare and UV radiation while allowing the passage of light through skylights and windows.

"Skylights are a major source of heat, glare and excessive light during summer," said Earl Mangune, manager pro tem and director for SGD. "While window film is a great solution, there are skylights where it simply can't be used. Liquisol fills this void; not only can it be applied to acrylic and polycarbonate, because it's a paint, you can apply it to curved surfaces too."

The collection includes four paints: 4Ever (best for homebuilders who wish to allow the maximum amount of light); 4EverBlue (featuring a 57% total solar energy reduction and a blue hue designed to mimic clear skies); 4EverDark (provides the most heat and glare protection); and 3Seasons (a temporary solution for extreme weather conditions).

All Liquisol paints can be applied to glass, acrylic and plexiglass, blocking over 98% of UV rays.

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