Line-X Platinum makes waves in the bedliner market

Line-X Protective Coatings has just introduced its newest product, Line-X Platinum, a spray-on bedliner that purports to be 300% stronger than the industry standard.

The company already specializes in protective coatings, and it's positioning Line-X Platinum as an upgrade to its existing product lineup. The new product uses the same molecular technology as Line-X's Paxcon protective coatings, which are used by the military and the Pentagon.

According to the company, Line-X Platinum offers 60% higher tensile strength, 92% higher abrasion resistance, 120% higher elongation and 162% higher tear strength than the industry standard.

"Line-X Platinum has been scientifically engineered to withstand extreme exposure to the elements and harsh work environments and will be available in over 500 of our Line-X franchises across the globe," said Line-X CEO Kevin Heronimus. "Building on the molecular foundation used in other Line-X protective coatings to keep our military safe, now all consumers can take advantage of the same level of protection with a lifetime guarantee."





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