LG expands scope of Door-in-Door feature

LG Electronics is bringing its Door-in-Door technology to an even wider range of products, which now includes the side-by-side refrigerator category.

The original "door-within-a-door" feature provides easy access to snacks and beverages within the interior compartment, allowing users to grab various go-to items wihout opening the entire fridge door.

It's easy to open -- a push of a button on the door handle releases the magnetic seal to the compartment. But it also comes with an added purpose -- that of reducing cold air loss and maintaining freshness.

"LG's patented Door-in-Door feature, which was first introduced on our French-door refrigerators, has become widely popular among busy American families," said David VanderWaal, head of marketing for LG Electronics USA. "Now we're breathing new life into the side-by-side category with this innovative feature."

The latest export to boast this feature is the newest LG Energy Star refrigerator, which also featuers Integrated SmartPull handles, stainless steel exterior, interior LED lighting and 22 cubic feet of space.

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