Lesson learned: events at the show

Tuesday, May 6

State Of The Paint And Decorating Industry Address

8 a.m., Room N108, North Hall Former PDRA CEO Nick Cichielo presents his official PDRA State of the Paint and Decorating Industry speech.

Merchandising Strategies for Successful Retailing

1 p.m., Room S223, South Hall Producer: Casual Living Presenter: Norman Hamilton, Publisher Norman Hamilton will discuss trends in casual furnishings and accessories.

Don’t Let Your Brand Get Washed Away By The Rising Tide Of Private Labels

2 p.m., Room N240, North Hall Producer: Hardlines Presenter: Beverly Allen Canada’s view of private labels versus brand names is developed over years of adaptation and adoption. Attendees will learn what works and how to choose.

Future Trends in Home Improvement

3 p.m., Room N242, North Hall Producer: HIRI Presenter: Fred Miller The Home Improvement Research Institute shares a study that looks into the future of the home improvement business.

2008 Retail Top Guns

4 p.m., Room N240, North Hall Producer: Hardware Retailing Presenter: Dan Tratensek Independent retailers exchange views and discuss what “differentiated” means to their business.

Editor’s Choice Awards

4 p.m., New Product World Popular Mechanics hosts the Editor’s Choice Awards for products and trends from exhibitors.

Golden Hammer Awards

5 p.m., Room N251, North Hall Home Channel News presents the Golden Hammer Awards, honoring retailers and manufacturers who have excelled in strategic partnerships. The awards take place opening night, and admission is free.

Wednesday, May 7

The Colors Of 2008 And Beyond

9 a.m., Room N108, North Hall Attendees will learn how to use color trends to drive sales.

The New and Changing World of Sustainability

10 a.m., Room S223, South Hall Producer: Lawn & Garden Retailing Stan Pohmer Jr. reveals how Earth-friendly Boomers are cashing in as they “validate” their outdoor purchase decisions.

How America Is Meeting The Challenges Of Today’s Home Channel Market

11 a.m., Room N242, North Hall Producer: Home Channel News Presenter: Jeff Arlen The publisher of Home Channel News, gives his take on “The State of the U.S. Home Improvement Marketplace.”

India: The Emerging Quality Supplier

1 p.m., Room N240, North Hall Producer: Sourcing Hardware Presenter: Deepak Gupta Hardware experts explain India’s product quality and high levels of service.

Taking A Lesson From Europe

2 p.m., Room N242, North Hall Producer: BHB John Herbert explores brand-loyal buying habits of Europeans.

Global Crossroads: The State of the World Home Improvement Retail Market

3 p.m., Room N251, North Hall Global Crossroads is where the continents converge and swap tips and discuss strategies. Attendees will learn how to spot profitable trends.

Green Product World

3 p.m., Innovative “Green” Award Retailers will judge the best “green eco-friendly product” from Green Product World.

The Homewares Show Awards Program Reception

5 p.m., Homewares Show Floor Open to exhibiting vendors in the Homewares Show and retailers (RED badge holders).

Retailers’ Choice Awards

5 p.m., Room N255, North Hall Independent retailers present trends and products.

Thursday, May 8

Essential Strategies for Effective Public Relations

10 a.m., Room N240, North Hall Producer: Money Pit Presenter: Tom Kraeutler Experts will reveal how to keep product messages fresh, consistent and credible. Learn how to get free publicity from pros including: Ken Clark, editor in chief, Home Channel News; and Dan Harrell, consumer public relations expert, The Write Answer.

Going Green—Third Party Certification and Credible Logos

11 a.m., Room N242, North Hall Producer: SCS Presenter: Dr. Robert J. Hrubes This talk will explore third-party certification, credible standards, plus more.

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