Legrand plugs multi-outlet strips for holidays

Legrand power strips can hold up to heavier traffic during the holidays.

Legrand is billing its Plugmold multi-outlet strips as a solution for holiday party hosts beset with additional power needs for appliances, gadgets and decorations.

The strips, which add room for six to 10 outlets, are available in hard-wired DIY kits and cord-ended plug-in models.

Legrand offers up three different varieties of the power strips, including Hardwired Tamper-Resistant Plugmold Kits, which are ideal for kitchen applications and feature built-in shutter systems.

The Cord-ended Plugmold Multi-outlet Strips can be easily mounted in living rooms, kitchens and home offices.

Meanwhile, Plugmold Tough Power Strips come with a diamond plate aluminum cover, 10 outlets and a circuit breaker. They are best-suited for garages and work spaces.

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