LED International brings MagicBulb to U.S.

LED International is promoting what it describes as the world's first rechargeable light bulb.

Just introduced to U.S. vendors, MagicBulb was developed in Norway. With a lifespan of more than 20,000 hours, it saves up to 90% of energy compared with other bulbs, according to LED International. It can be used in any light fixture, and it's also portable. Once battery-charged, it can shine up to three hours.

The price point of MagicBulbs ranges anywhere from $25 to $60.

"MagicBulb is an award-winning, patented LED light bulb that has taken off overseas and is now making its grand entrance into the United States market," says Ron Yiu, marketing director for LED International U.S., a division of the Norway-based LED Electronics International AS that developed MagicBulb. "The response has been so overwhelming since we introduced the MagicBulb in Europe and Asia in late 2009."

The product has garnered a number of awards, including a Gold Medal from The 19th China National Invention Exhibition, September 2010; and IWIS Medal at the International Warsaw Invention Show 2009.

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