Lebanon Seaboard launches new products

Lebanon Seaboard has launched a series of specialty fertilizers, to be released in January 2012, each of which will include a particular blend of fertilizer sources the company calls GreenSmart. Among the new products is a series of seven small plant fertilizers, which will contribute to the expansion of the company’s GreenView with the GreenSmart brand released earlier this year. The company will also introduce a “grab-and-go” fertilizer to be called “GreenView Plant Boost with GreenSmart.” Lebanon Seaboard said it expects the new line to benefit retailers by increasing store sales and to expand the category.

The company also plans to launch its “Twist’nShake Small Plant Food System” in 2012, which it said will simplify the process of fertilizing plants by eliminating the need for consumers to touch or measure plant food. Instead, consumers may use the system to deliver premeasured nutrients to plants using a plant feeding bottle.

Both the GreenView products and the Twist’nShake System are now available for order from local distributors. 

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