The latest home design idea from Sweden: small

IKEA's 2012 home catalog promotes the theme of “small,” with ideas on how to make more out of less space.

What's the latest home design trend coming out of Sweden? According to the 2012 IKEA catalog, the answer is small.

The company's latest catalog, which runs an impressive 376 pages, carries the cover line: "A home doesn't need to be big, just smart." The catalog kicks off with a photo essay explaining how six friends might decide to live together in 430 square feet.

Bunk beds and storage systems and versatile furniture are some the key designs that make small spaces smarter, according to IKEA.

"Small spaces are great spaces," wrote IKEA U.S. president Mike Ward on page 18 of the catalog. "Small spaces use fewer resources; they're cozy, convenient and cost less to live in."

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