Larson Electronics releases light tower with dual LED lights

Kemp, Texas-based Larson Electronics has announced the release of a new LED light tower designed to provide easy setup and powerful illumination.

Featuring a compressor-powered pneumatic tower that can extend to 18 ft. and a pair of 150-watt LED lamps, the PLM-18-2X150W-LED Pneumatic Light Tower is recommended for work sites, emergency scenes and anywhere mobile illumination is needed.

The PLM-18-2X150W-LED Pneumatic Light Tower from Larson Electronics is an 18-ft. extendable light tower equipped with two LED light fixtures producing a total of 29,580 lumens of light output. The two heavy-duty 150-watt LED lamps produce a wide spread of intense white light, allowing this unit to effectively cover large work areas with high-quality illumination. This tower is a three-stage unit that is extended to its full height via air pressure provided by an included compressor. The tower assembly consists of three sections, and rather than have to manually winch the unit to the desired height with a hand crank, operators can simply power on the compressor to extend the tower to any height between 8 ft. and 18 ft. To lower the tower operators simply bleed off the air pressure using a release valve built into the base of the tower. The lamp assembly consists of two powerful 150-watt LED lamps producing 14,790 lumens each.

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