LACN: Beware of phony compliance charges

The Lumber Association of California & Nevada (LACN) has alerted members to a scam involving a group that calls itself the California Labor Compliance Bureau.

The group is soliciting "processing fees" of $275 for labor-related postings. The problem is, the group has no affiliation with the California Labor Commission's office, and is not authorized to issue citations or charges on behalf of California, according to Julie A. Su, labor commissioner.

The LACN warned members of the misleading business solicitation in an LACN memo to members. 

“Californians should be vigilant about scams like this in which an entity adopts a name meant to suggest some legitimate authority and tries to cheat employers out of their hard-earned money," Su said in a release from her office. "If an employer is ever approached by someone claiming to be a state investigator who requests payment on site for any reason, we urge you to call us immediately at (415) 703-4810."

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