Kodiak forms new investment partnership

After closing its acquisition of American Builders Supply, Kodiak looks to make more deals.

Kodiak Building Partners has formed a partnership with private equity firm Court Square Capital. 

The move will fuel Kodiak’s ability to make additional acquisitions. According a press release issued by Kodiak, “Court Square has made a major investment in Kodiak to support both internal growth and expansion through acquisitions.” 

Denver, Colo.-based Kodiak also announced that it has completed its acquisition of American Builders Supply, a pro dealer in Orlando, Fla. The move officially marks Kodiak’s expansion into Florida.

Regarding the partnership with Court Square Capital, Kodiak CEO Steve Swinney said, “We’ve been working on this combination with Court Square for some time now and feel that they are great partners for us. We share common values around maintaining strong customer-facing activities at the local level, the importance of a decentralized organization in our business, a broadly diversified product offering and giving back to our communities.” 

Court Square said it has invested in more than 215 companies. 

“We’ve had great support from our loyal investor group to get us to over $700 million in sales,” said Paul Hylbert, chairman of Kodiak Building Partners. “Now, with Court Square’s addition, we are excited about the opportunity to continue to build on Kodiak’s successful strategy and culture.” 

Kodiak operates 53 locations in Arizona, Delaware, Colorado, Florida, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan and Texas.

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