Kitchen of the week embraces smart storage

New Old's reimagined kitchen space gained the spotlight for its innovative handling of storage space.

Thanks to its creative handling of storage space, Charlotte-area custom home builder New Old, LLC gained the national kitchen of the week spotlight at for the week of June 26 - July 3. 

Homeowner, designer and builder Mary Ludemann was responsible for the innovative storage ideas that initially caught the site's attention. Ludemann's team whipped up a cottage kitchen layout out of a basic tract home design, showcasing New Old's innovative approach to remodeling.

"I wanted to incorporate vintage details but focus on function and storage so the kitchen would meet my family's needs, and I think we accomplished that," she said. is an kitchen inspiration site produced by Williams-Sonoma.


- 10:31 AM
jannereeves says

The pantry cabinets are the best answer for all the storage problems in kitchen. Pull out storage is an another good option, in the guise of some sturdy stainless steel shelving it gives a modern look and can be used to hold heavy cookware like cast iron pots as well as frequently used pots and pans, keeping them close at hand and easy to access.

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