Kitchen company points to trends

Light granite countertops will be on trend in 2014.

Miramar, Fla.-based kitchen remodeling company Granite Transformations has identified several trends for the upcoming year:

1. Going Green: Homeowners continue to be environmentally conscious by incorporating sustainable elements into their home design.

2. Seeing Red: Homeowners and interior designers alike will be drawn to vibrant colors throughout the home this year. Add a splash of red or hints of other hues with an impressive line of mosaic tile to add flair and character to any room in the house.

3. Let The Sun Shine: Reflective tile backsplashes and light granite countertops will give any kitchen the illusion of more light and space.

4. Back to Earth: Incorporating earth tones into the kitchen for a tranquil and serene sensation will be popular again in 2014.

5. Mixed Metals: Lustrous countertops with metallic influences such as silver fixtures and accents complemented by a mosaic backsplash with 24k gold tiles for a touch of glamour will be on trend for bathrooms. 

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