Kingfisher has a new idea for Chinese DIY retail

British retail giant Kingfisher plans to go about its DIY retail business in China with a new approach, according to an article in the Financial Times.

The company's CEO Ian Cheshire told the newspaper that big-box DIY "is not the model for China," which has proven difficult for DIY retailers to gain acceptance. The international retailer is trying a showroom format targeting the do-it-for-me customer.

Two years ago Kingfisher closed 22 of its DIY stores in China. It now operates 40 stores in China. 

Atlanta-based Home Depot also recognizes Chinese resistance to western-style DIY habits, and it too has closed a handful of stores over the past two years, cutting its presence there to eight locations. In February, Home Depot announced an effort to focus its China business on select, high-growth markets, especially Tianjin and Xi'an. 

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