Kilz reluanches Pro-X 100 Series paint line

Kilz PRO-X 100 Series interior paint line

Masterchem Industries, maker of Kilz brand products, re-launched its Kilz PRO-X 100 Series interior paint line.

The new line features an advanced formula and promises painters, contractors, property managers and remodelers strong hide and touchup capabilities at an affordable price point -- between $62.50 and $87.50 for a 5-gallon bucket (depending on sheen).

Its makers say it allows for projects to be completed faster, with potentially fewer coats, while still delivering a consistent and durable finish.

“At the KILZ PRO-X paint price point, we’re delivering a product that is budget-friendly with great hide and application properties,” said Mike Walsh, VP marketing and new product development for Masterchem Industries.

With one 5-gallon can covering up to 2,000 sq. ft., the paint is ideal for large, time-sensitive projects -- such as multi-family residential or commercial properties -- and helps to maintain and restore surfaces.   

The Kilz Pro-X 100 Series is available in three sheens: interior dead flat, eggshell and semi-gloss. It can be used on a number of different surfaces, including drywall, concrete block, masonry, metal, wood, cured plaster, architectural plastics and poured concrete, among others.

A sweepstakes has been created to promote the product reformulation. Professionals can enter for a chance to win Kilz PRO-X paint for a full year, in the “Win Paint for a Year Sweepstakes*” via a simple online entry form until Dec. 31.

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