KILZ introduces Hide-All primer at entry-level price point

KILZ Hide-All Primer

Imperial, Missouri-based Masterchem Industries is getting ready to roll out a new version of its KILZ Hide-All primer, which will sell for an opening price point and will be sold exclusively at Lowe's stores nationwide.

The multi-surface interior waterbased primer and sealer is designed to cover up imperfections and mask texture and porosity differences. It can be brushed, rolled or sprayed and is typically ready for a top coat after one hour.

“With a number of KILZ products available at Lowe’s, the addition of KILZ HIDE-ALL ensures there is a high-hiding, hardworking primer available for painting projects under tight budgets,” said Tim O’Reilly, manager, professional products and services for KILZ. “With exceptional hide, and at a very attractive price point, KILZ HIDE-ALL is a primer sealer designed to get the job done.”

One main difference between the KILZ Hide-All and other primers at similar price points is that it adheres to wood. The primer can be used on drywall, cured plaster, woodwork, masonry, concrete block, brick and previously painted surfaces.

It is not for use over glossy surfaces or floors or on problematic surfaces, such as those with stains that are inclined to bleed.

Additionally, the 2-gallon project-sized bucket has received favorable reception among contractors, according to the company, who say that they can easily drop one bucket in each room.

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