Kelly-Moore Paints unveils new zero-VOC line

San Carlos, Calif.-based Kelly-Moore Paints has introduced its new zero-VOC colorants, which “will maintain excellent interior air quality during application without sacrificing performance,” according to the company.

Kelly-Moore is transitioning from conventional universal colorants to the new zero-VOC colorants; this has been completed in all of the company’s California and Nevada locations. The rest of its stores will be completed by this summer.

“Kelly-Moore is committed to meeting top health and environmental concerns and California’s stringent regulations,” said Steve DeVoe, Kelly-Moore’s president, CEO and chairman of the board. “Transitioning to zero-VOC colorants will keep the company at the forefront of environmental innovation and regulation in the paint industry.”

The new zero-VOC colorants have eliminated the common problems of poor drying and water sensitivity, which causes blushing and blistering. In addition, the colorants offer high strength, improved hiding, more fade resistance and expanded color options -- all without the additional solvents. 

“These next generation zero-VOC colorants are not only better for the environment, they have better touch up properties than conventional colorants for the professional contractor, and also deliver better UV fade resistance for better long-term performance," said Mark Zielinski, VP sales.

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