Johnson Lumber now offers prefinished wood

Johnson Lumber Co., a sawmill in Denmark, N.Y., saw an opportunity during the construction downturn to offer a unique product. So it purchased three pieces of equipment in online auctions in 2009 and 2010. After learning how each one works, separately and in tandem, the family-owned mill now offers pre-stained and pre-treated floorboards and siding.

"We realize the demand for colors and the demand for having it prefinished," sales manager George LaBarr told the Journal & Republic. "It's so hard to do it in the field and do it right."

The prefinished wood with the clear coat is typically used indoors, while the stained-only wood is for exterior use. Retailers can match paints or stains for homeowners and custom-order the prefinished boards in six or eight-inch widths. The company has ramped up production in the last few months and distributes to about 200 independent lumberyards. The mill is located at the foothills of the Adirondacks in Northern New York.

"We're not reinventing ourselves, but we're strategically adding products," LaBarr said.


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