Johns Manville stocks mineral wool insulation

Johns Manville added commercial and residential mineral wool insulation to its product mix.

“Mineral wool is a great addition to JM’s already robust line of insulation products,” said Fred Stephan, SVP insulation systems at Johns Manville. “Building occupants benefit from acoustically superior environments, moisture protection and increased fire performance. Contractors also enhance their bottom line because it’s rigid for accurate cutting and fitting, compressed and durable for easy transport and requires zero downtime during installation.”

The wool is made from high-density inorganic fibers and is manufactured using an advanced process, which results in a low amount of shot material and product consistency. According to the company, Johns Manville is the only manufacturer providing compression packaging for mineral wool products.

Mineral wool has a high melting point -- over 2000°F -- which can help delay the spread of fire, as well as provide better insulation from sound and reduce energy costs.

JM mineral wool lends itself to easy, accurate cuts and is available in various thicknesses and sizes.

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