Johns Manville pumps up mineral wool offerings in Canada

Denver-based Johns Manville is giving its Canadian customers greater access to its full line of insulation products through the addition of commercial and residential mineral wool.

“Mineral wool has long been a favorite product of Canadian building professionals, but there’s no longer just one game in town,” said Fred Stephan, SVP Insulation Systems at Johns Manville. “With JM mineral wool, building occupants benefit from acoustically superior environments, moisture protection and increased fire performance while contractors benefit from JM’s laser-like focus on customer service and range of product offerings, providing more options and resources across all insulation categories.”

The mineral wool has a high melting point of more than 1093 degrees Celsius, which helps delay the spread of fire and boosts privacy and noise reduction. Additionally, it seeks to reduce energy costs by keeping buildings warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

That's because it's made using an advanced manufacturing process that creates a high-fiber density using a low amount of shot material. The wool is easy to cut and is available in a range of thicknesses and sizes.

Last but not least, Johns Manville offers compression packaging for the wool, which means it can transfer 2,497 square meters of the product in one truckload -- 603 square meters more than other manufacturers, the company says.

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