Jenn-Air shows off its new steam oven

At the Tasting Table kitchen in the SoHo neighborhood of New York City, an oven is born.

Attendees mingled, imbibed and helped themselves to appetizers at the Tasting Table kitchen.

Jenn-Air opened up shop at the Tasting Table test kitchen in New York City's SoHo neighborhood to show off its versatile new Steam Oven. Industry professionals filed in to the after-hours event on Tues. to sample the foodie fare prepared using various combinations of steam and convection.

Tasting Table chefs whipped up roasted chicken, tender cuts of meat, fish and crisped artichokes using the oven, as well as salads, puddings, pâtés and cheese board selections.

"The combination of convect, steam and bake allows you to adjust your steam, time and temperature levels, so it’s almost like a home version of a combi oven, which are very expensive and often for restaurants," said Tasting Table executive chef Brendan McHale. "It’s very precise cooking for a specific purpose. The way it’s set up with the user interface is also pretty simple: it’s time, temperature, steam; and each one has its level. Smart technology!"

The just-launched, built-in 24" steam and convection model gives consumers more options in the kitchen. A steam-only mode provides a healthy alternative to oil-heavy roasting techniques, while a steam plus convection setting crisps and retains moisture simultaneously. The oven features a 1,200-watt convection heating element for even circulation and speedier cooking, available in a convection bake mode as well.

Jenn-Air spokeswoman Kim Roman (of Digitas) said that a built-in coffee machine is forthcoming for this model, which marks the company's first entry into the steam oven market.

Users can also choose from multiple preset foods settings that automatically adjust the oven to suit various food categories.

Other features include a no preheat option, steam cleaning, recently-used setting recall, and a feature that alerts users to empty the water cartridge after each use.

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