James Hardie joins 84 Lumber's 'USA' initiative

James Hardie teamed with 84 Lumber to encourage the use of U.S.-made and sourced building materials and products.

James Hardie was contacted by 84 Lumber to participate in the program a few months prior to the announcement of the initiative on Jan. 23 at the International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas.

James Hardie says its products are made at one of seven manufacturing facilities across the United States. James Hardie sources raw materials from within 500 miles of each plant to further reduce its carbon footprint.

“James Hardie is proud to be a part of 'We Build American' initiative," said Rob Rugg, director of strategic accounts. "We strongly believe in building more sustainable homes, neighborhoods and materials by leveraging local, regional and national resources. The building products industry has shown much resilience in this country, and we’re proud to be working with great partners at 'We Build American' to continue this tradition and recent momentum in the coming years." 


- 12:17 PM
dtike@yahoo.com says

I will admit, I not the smartest person in the world (feel free to poke fun at me) but does this mean they would like to product and sell here but not pay their fair share of taxes? Who pays the share of taxes they don't...me, the rest of us? If you want to be "proud to be a part of 'We Build American' initiative," then pay your fair share of taxes... that pay for the infrastructure you use, pays the military forces that protect you from foreign countries invading you plants here in the U.S., the health care for your workers when they retire if your plan doesn't cover them... why should the rest of us subsidize you? How would you like it if companies cane to Australia and id that to your country? From your website: The growth in James Hardie’s US earnings and future opportunities by the late 1990s resulted in a number of significant structural issues, primarily related to financial inefficiencies for James Hardie and its existing, predominantly Australian, shareholders. In order to maintain dividends and to fund other obligations in Australia, it would have been necessary to repatriate US-sourced profits to Australia. This would have resulted in significant US withholding taxes being incurred, lowering the after-tax earnings of JHIL and hence limiting distributions to shareholders. This would have reduced the value captured from the continuing growth of the businesses of the US companies within the James Hardie Group.

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