Jacuzzi partners up with Eco Building Products

Jacuzzi has chosen Eco Building Products, Inc. as its manufacturing partner for the production and export of Jacuzzi skirt structures to Mexico.

"As the founder of this great American company, I can tell you that the team here at Eco all shares a common bond; that those that came to this America had the simple idea that memories from the past cannot take over our dreams of the future and beyond," stated Steve Conboy, president/CEO, Eco Building Products, Inc. "As we do our part to help Washington create export business that can support job growth here in the U.S., we are excited about this new business with great companies like Jacuzzi. To date we have received 197,598 board feet and this is great business outside of what we do in housing."

Eco procures Canadian Spruce lumber at its coating facility in Colton, Calif., which is then treated with Eco Red Shield lumber coatings and Eco Armor paint, which adds UV and moisture protection. The lumber will then be loaded onto trucks and shipped to Mexico, where it'll be used to create Jacuzzi spas for global export.

"At Eco, we are very excited about this type of business as it proves our export model with respect to adding value to the lumber commodity for use as finished goods," said a company statement.

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