J-B Weld offers balm for frozen pipes

Water is no obstacle for this epoxy.

In response to the frigid temperatures around the country, J-B Weld is promoting its WaterWeld and SteelStik epoxy puttys.

The puttys are designed to act as an instant repair product for pipes when they begin to thaw in the spring. According to J-B Weld, pipes can crack or burst when the ice inside thaws, since water expands when it freezes. Drips, leaks or sprays are indicators that action is necessary to prevent further damage.

"J-B Weld can save you time, frustration and money this winter," said Chip Hanson, J-B Weld CEO. "Both WaterWeld and SteelStik can stop a leak until you can reassess the situation and call a professional, if necessary. Our products provide not only permanent mends, but outstanding value. A $5 package of J-B Weld can save consumers an average of $150 in replacement or repair costs. And you're saving time when you aren't sitting around waiting for a plumber."

J-B WaterWeld can be applied to a wet, leaking or underwater surface and has a set time of 15 to 25 minutes, as well as a curing time of 60 minutes.

SteelStik is hand-mixable, non-rusting and steel-reinforced, designed to plug holes and make permanent repairs on wet or dry metal surfaces. It sets even quicker than WaterWeld -- in 3 to 5 minutes -- and is also fully cured after one hour.

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