IST unites with Edmond Lim in Canada

Edmond Lim

Lansing, Mich.-based Integrated Stealth Technology (IST) announced a business alliance with Edmond Lim, to ensure continuity of attention to Canadian component manufacturers as the housing market continues to recover, the company said.

IST installs new and refurbished table systems in Canada and the United States, including auto puck jigging system installations.

“Traditionally the Canadian component industry heats up months before the U.S.,” said Ed Joseph, president and owner of IST. “I have also been busy in the U.S., but the Canadian component manufacturers are really gearing up. There is no one more qualified to handle my business in Canada than Edmond Lim."

"Ed Joseph and I were very competitive over the years,” said Lim. “More times than not, IST (Ed Joseph) would earn the sale if no auto jigging system was required. I (Edmond Lim) would earn the sale if an auto jigging system was required. However, if it was a retrofit jigging system, none of us would get the sale. I am glad to announce that IST now has a retrofitable Auto Puck Jigging System with a unique upgrade proposition."

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