Irwin expands impact tool accessories line

Huntersville, North Carolina-based impact driver company Irwin has unveiled the second phase of its Impact Performance Series line of accessories. This phase expands the line beyond fastening into extracting, drilling and power bits.

“The second phase of the Impact Performance Series expands our initial offering, which was originally focused on the fastener drive category only,” Irwin’s marketing director, John Schlosser, said. “Irwin’s expansion … provides the right impact accessory for nearly all impact driver applications.”

One of the new products is a Tapcon installation system, which combines a bit for pilot holes with a sleeve that goes over the bit, turning it into a driver. Additionally, the series features double-ended power bits, which can be switched faster and can be used with Irwin's magnetic screw-hold attachment.

Also in the new phase of products are screw- and bolt-grip extractors. The screw-grip extractors are also double-ended, and users can screw a hole into striped screws, then flip it over to extract it. The bolt-grip extractors use reverse spiral flutes to pull out rusted bolts, and will be sold in magnetic and non-magnetic sets.

The line also include bit holders and deep well sockets, as well as bits for masonry and metal and various extensions and adapters. 

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