IPG launches weather barrier for building industry

Intertape Polymer Group (IPG) has introduced a new line of weather-barrier products for the construction industry. The portfolio consists of NovaWrap building wrap, NovaSeal roof underlayment and NovaFlash self-adhered flashing, along with a full line of complementary tapes, including Intertape Sheathing Tape.

Together, the products comprise IPG’s Total Moisture Control System, engineered to work together to deliver energy efficiency, durability and optimum moisture management, while ensuring superior contractor and owner satisfaction.

IPG’s building products, which have undergone third-party technical evaluation for code compliance by ICC-ES, can also help specifiers meet municipal, state and national building codes. Used properly, they can contribute green building credits LEED, Energy Star and other green building programs.

Although IPG building products have been available in North America since 2010, the company has launched a major introduction of its brand for the first time to builders, contractors and specifiers via a promotional campaign.

“We’re investing in the IPG brand and demonstrating the company’s commitment to the building and construction markets,” said James Apap Bologna, VP marketing and corporate communications “We see it as an important way to add value to our customers’ businesses by raising our awareness as a manufacturer. We also want the market to know that our product offerings extend far beyond tapes.”

Based in Montreal and Bradenton, Fla., IPG also manufactures lumber wrap, HVAC tapes and other building products available from major dealers, distributors, leading home improvement stores and retailer-owned hardware cooperatives.  

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