IPG launches decorative concrete line of tapes

Tape and film manufacturer Intertape Polymer Group is targeting the decorative concrete industry with a new line of products.

The Decorative Concrete tapes are specifically designed to meet the needs of contractors, installers and DIYers, the company said.

“Whether it’s working with stains and dyes, microtoppings and overlay, or exterior stucco and plaster, IPG has a solution for that application,” said Tim Brown, VP consumer sales.

The DC line consists of five products. DC Ultra2in1 is a new double-sided masking tape designed to initially act as a barrier to an overlay (a bonded layer of material placed on existing concrete surfaces for restoration or beautification purposes) application. DC Blue is IPG’s blue masking tape specifically designed to prevent chemical bonding resulting in sealer failure. DC Orange is a heavy duty, clean removal duct tape designed to work on rough surfaces, DC Grout is reinforced tape for strong grout line pulls, and DC Drape is a compact, durable film that prevents overspray and provides solvent resistant protection.

“Our new DC product line is the result of extensive market research and industry collaboration. We are excited to be the first company to offer tape solutions specific to the needs and challenges of the growing decorative concrete industry,” said Brandon Paas, IPG market research analyst.

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