Innovation for the great outdoors

The upkeep of a house does not end at the front door, which means there is money to be spent from the inside out. And inventive manufacturers have found a number of ways to capture those dollars — from gardening tools to irrigation systems to products that protect a home’s foundation.

Genova Products GenoFlex
Genova Products has announced the addition of the GenoFlex to its Vinyl Gutter and Downspout line of products. The bendable, flexible and expandable Universal Downspout Extension diverts water away from a home’s foundation, preventing erosion. It extends up to 55 ins. and can connect to a 2-in. by 3-in. or 3-in. by 4-in. downspout, PVC Sewer & Drain, and Corrugated Pipe. Made in the U.S.A., GenoFlex is available in white, tan, green and brown. (

Midwest Gloves Comfort Clogs
Midwest Gloves & Gear has introduced its new Ladies Garden Comfort Clogs. The lightweight, comfortable design is molded in advanced EVA material in the latest fashion colors. Removable insoles provide added comfort, and the durable clogs are easy to clean by rinsing off with a garden hose. (

Toro Garden Drip Kits
Toro Blue Stripe Drip Irrigation systems are now available in kits designed for containers, flower beds, vegetable and herb gardens, tomatoes and roses. Drip irrigation delivers water slowly and steadily to the soil. Emitters, which deliver the water, are placed near the plant base so water is delivered directly to the roots. According to experts, drip irrigation is more than 90% efficient — there is less evaporation because the water is delivered precisely where it’s needed. The Drip Kits easily install onto an outdoor faucet or hose end. Each kit offers drip components and tubing suited for the specific plant type or application. (

Adams Manufacturing Garden Planter
Adams Manufacturing’s 36-in. Garden Planter adds color to any deck or patio. It is easy on the back and knees and allows the user to create gardens in apartments and other locations where space is at a premium. Constructed of lightweight and durable resin, the planter easily stores when not used. It can hold 150 lbs., and the shelf (which can be used for additional flowers or storage) can withstand 15 lbs. (

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