Imagination beats Internet as project starter

Pinterest and other home design-related websites are tremendous new tools for home improvement, but there’s still no substitute for the homeowner’s own imagination. 

That’s one of the many possible interpretations to new research released by the Home Projects Council. The group’s survey of 585 homeowners shows the homeowner’s own imagination as first on its list of resources that homeowners prefer for inspiration. After Imagination (46%), comes Friends & Family (39%), Internet (39%), home improvement retailers (26%) and Magazines (25%).

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“The survey revealed some surprising insights regarding the resources homeowners turn to for help with home improvement projects,” said Frank Owens, VP marketing for the Quikrete Companies, a founding member of the HPC. “I don’t think the results necessarily discount the value of any resource, especially when you consider that consumers access multiple sources of information before making a purchase. However, the survey is a strong indication that relationships with family and friends, and local stores as well as personal experience are proven project assets and remain invaluable today.”

While imagination leads in phase I, or inspiration, of a home project. The survey also studied three other phases of home improvement projects. “Friends and family” is the leading option for education/instruction. “Home improvement retailer” is the top choice for selection. And when asked how homeowners' prefer to share their project success, the leading choice was “Tell friends and family directly.”

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