iLevel promotes an easy eco-labeling option with SFI

Pro dealers will soon be seeing an Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) Certified Fiber Sourcing label on iLevel by Weyerhauser lumber products.

The innovation represents a much simpler method to identify the eco-pedigree of lumber, compared with the chain-of-ownership documentation and paperwork currently required by the Forest Stewardship Council, mandated for certain LEED points.

In addition to a plan to include an SFI Certified Fiber Sourcing logo on product wrap, the company will be stamping the logo on each lumber and engineered wood product piece by the end of January. Builders can quickly spot these products in lumberyards and visibly demonstrate during construction their commitment to using responsible materials, according to iLevel.

"As green building becomes the norm, our customers want to know that the wood products they're investing in are grown and harvested to high standards," added Carlos Guilherme, VP sales and marketing for iLevel. "The label on iLevel product wrap shows the bundle meets the SFI Certified Fiber Sourcing Standard, and labeling individual pieces further reinforces this certification, even after the bundle is separated."

The SFI Certified Fiber Sourcing Standard indicates that iLevel knows where all of its wood comes from. iLevel includes the following factors in its own forests, as well as those of its suppliers:

• Required use of best management practices to protect water quality
• Required use of qualified logging professionals
• Avoidance of controversial sources
• Outreach to family forest owners on how to manage their forests sustainably
• Support for research to improve sustainable forestry

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