IKEA brings electric vehicle charging stations to Frisco, Texas

The Frisco location is the tenth IKEA store out of a planned 55 to install EV charging stations.

IKEA has installed three Blink electric vehicle charging stations at its Frisco, Texas, store location, marking the tenth IKEA store in the United States to expand the service.

Drivers using the service can simply tap their Blink InCard, plug the charger into the station and shop at IKEA while they wait.

At the moment, installation is under way at seven other IKEA locations, with a current planned total of 55.

“We are thrilled at how these electric vehicle charging stations further the sustainability of IKEA Frisco, and now are available to the public,” said Robby Wierman, store manager. “We appreciate the support of CarCharging and Oncor -- our partners in helping facilitate and promote the use of EVs in North Texas.”

The proliferation of the charging stations is part of a partnership between IKEA and Car Charging Group, a provider of EV charging services with more than 13,430 stations in 35 states and three countries.

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