Hyde Tools offers display kit for its 14-in-1 tool

Hyde's point-of-purchase display for its 14-in-1 multi-tool

Southbridge, Mass.-based Hyde Tools introduced a point-of-purchase display for a product it calls "the ultimate junk drawer tool."

The 10-5/16 in. by 9-3/16 in. cut-case style merchandiser shows a full-size diagram of the 14-in-1 multi-tool's functions -- including the storage and use of four screwdriver bits in the handle.

“According to the Retail Hardware Association, adding shelf merchandisers in a key area increases sales substantially,” explained Corey Talbot, Hyde’s VP marketing and product development. “Combine that statistic with the growing demand for multi-tools -- which account for 30% of sales in the putty knife category. It only makes sense to create a display that helps retailers increase sales and educate customers on the many benefits of what we call ‘the ultimate junk drawer tool.’ ”

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