Hunter Fan thermostat offers new control

Memphis, Tenn.-based Hunter Fan introduced a Universal Internet Thermostat, which can be controlled in-home or remotely with a smartphone.

The company says consumers can dramatically cut heating and cooling costs by installing Hunter Fan’s new Universal Internet Thermostat, which is controlled in-home or remotely with a smartphone app.

Consumers can save an average of $180 a year using a programmable thermostat, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.  

“The Universal Internet Thermostat works with a broad range of heating and cooling systems and can be controlled from anywhere, anytime with a smartphone and our best-in-class app,” said Martin Heckmann, Group Marketing Manager at Hunter Fan. “The Universal Internet Thermostat is ideal for people and families who want to warm or cool their homes before they come home, and save money by turning off their heating and cooling equipment when they are traveling.”

Hunter Fan teamed with Arrayent’s Internet-Connect Service to develop the product.

The thermostat's price tag is $99.99. The first three months of Internet connectivity are free, as part a 100% risk-free trial. Consumers can opt to pay $9.99 a year for Internet connectivity or pay a $49.99 one-time fee for product life-time Internet connectivity.

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