Hunter Fan launches smartphone-controlled thermostat

Hunter Fan has introduced its Universal Internet Thermostat, which is controlled in-home or remotely with a smartphone app. The energy-saving thermostat, which can also be programmed by a smartphone, retails for $99. According to the Memphis, Tenn., company, the product installs in five minutes. 

“The Universal Internet Thermostat works with a broad range of heating and cooling systems and can be controlled from anywhere, anytime with a smartphone,” said Martin Heckmann, group marketing manager at Hunter Fan. “The Universal Internet Thermostat is ideal for people and families who want to warm or cool their homes before they come home, and save money by turning off their heating and cooling equipment when they are traveling.”

Hunter Fan teamed with Arrayent’s Internet-Connect Service in designing the thermostat and smartphone solution. The first three months of Internet connectivity are free to purchasers as part a 100% risk-free trial. Consumers can opt to pay $9.99 a year after that, or a $49.99 one-time fee for product life-time Internet connectivity.

Subscribers can also set their devices to receive email alerts when a home’s temperature exceeds a pre-determined set point, indicating an issue that may lead to pipe freezing or mold building, or when it’s time to change the filter or battery level is low.

The product’s “5 Minute Installation System” relies on a built-in level on the thermostat, color-coded wire terminals and self-anchoring screws. Connecting to the Internet is as simple as connecting the gateway to a home’s wireless router, plugging it into a power source and when the light turns green, the thermostat is connected to the Internet, according to Hunter.

The Universal Internet Thermostat works with both a common “C wire” and/or replaceable AA batteries. Hunter estimates that an estimated 50% or more of U.S. households today do not have a common wire, which is essentially a power cord that runs from the heating and cooling system to the thermostat.

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