How emerging brands break through

Why do dark horse companies win -- and how do they win?

That topic is the focus of a new book by sales strategist and Elevation Forum founder Dan Mack: “Dark Horse: How Challenger Companies Rise to Prominence.” 

The best leaders and companies bring more than unique products or services to the market -- they consistently tap into the 10 key growth enablers Mack outlines in his book.

Dan Mack's "Dark Horse" is a documentation of his various experiences as a sales strategist and entrepreneur, having spent 25 years as a leader of two challenger companies.

The book is a summation of five years of research, interviews and consulting discussions with more than 100 emerging companies that, by all accounts, were outmatched by the competition -- yet went on to great success.

Ken Martindale, president and COO of Rite Aid, called the book, "a must-read for anyone who is inventing or re-inventing their business."

"Dan truly understands the power of the 'Dark Horse' in a business setting,” said Joe Magnacca, president and CEO of Radio Shack. “Believe in the 'Dark Horse' -- and be the first to see it."

Added Walgreens VP/GMM of beauty and personal care Shannon Curtin: "Dan has uncovered the hidden assets and blueprint that challenger companies utilize to unlock the secrets to game-changing results."

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