Houzz Stat: Trends in kitchen cabinetry & storage

Here’s what Houzz’s research team found out about how much people are spending on kitchen renovations — and on what

The study surveyed more than 2,700 Houzz users in the U.S. who own homes and are in the midst of a kitchen renovation, have recently completed one or are planning one in the next three months. Read on to learn what people are doing with these important rooms.

White cabinets aren’t going anywhere. White cabinetry remains the most popular choice for kitchens, with wood coming in second (representing a combined 29 percent, when light, medium and dark woods are added up). A greater share of millennials (47 percent) are likely to choose white cabinetry than baby boomers. Among the older group, only 41 percent choose white.

Organization nerds, meet your dream kitchen. Among the renovating homeowners who are upgrading their cabinets, a large share choose built-in organizers that help them maximize their space. The most popular built-in is a pullout trash or recycling cabinet, followed by cookie sheet organizers and then Lazy Susans.

Setting the mood. Undercabinet lighting remains the most popular choice for new lighting features, but the popularity of pendant lights is on the rise.

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