Houzz Stat: Renovation pros remain busy

Nearly half of renovation professionals report an increase in kitchen and bath projects

Houzz has a new industry report: Data Watch: Renovation Firms Have Backlogs, Houzz Research Shows. (“Backlog” refers to the delay or wait time an average firm faces before starting a new midsize project due to its current project commitments.)

Busy with kitchens and baths. Nearly half (49%) of general contractors, remodelers and design-build companies on net report an increase in kitchen or bathroom renovations for the first half of 2017, compared with the same period a year ago.

“On net” means that the percentage of firms reporting increases minus the percentage of firms reporting decreases equals 49 percent. For example, if 54 percent of firms report increases and 5 percent of firms report decreases, that means 49 percent report an increase on net.

Many homeowners are tackling multiple remodeling projects simultaneously, the firms report. With large-scale renovations (kitchens, bathrooms and multiple projects) on the rise, it’s no wonder many of these firms are experiencing project backlogs.

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