Houzz Stat: Kitchen upgrades, and the reasons behind them

The kitchen is the most popular room of the home to renovate, according to Houzz research.

Those who choose to remodel the heart of their home have some definite preferences. After all, the No. 1 reason they choose to renovate this area is no longer being able to stand the old kitchen — can anyone out there relate?

If I see that backsplash one more time … The top motivator for renovating a kitchen continues to be that owners can no longer stand the old kitchen. An increasingly popular reason is finally having the financial means, the triggering factor for 40% of renovators, compared with 37% the year before.

Countertops before electronics. Countertops are the most popular feature to upgrade, followed closely by backsplashes and kitchen sinks. Notably, a majority of kitchen renovations (51%) open the space more to a nearby room, reflecting the ongoing popularity of the great-room concept.

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Renovate to lose weight? One-third of kitchen renovators claimed healthier habits post-renovation, while the remaining two-thirds of kitchen renovators said they were equally healthy after the renovation. Forty-one percent of homeowners who renovated their kitchens are cooking more at home, 34% are ordering less takeout, and 26% are eating more fruits and vegetables. A whopping 76% of kitchen renovators cook five or more meals at home each week after their renovation.

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