Houzz Stat: How long does building permit approval take?

It’s not the typical experience, but some permits are approved the same day they are submitted, according to the survey results.

Less than a month is common. The remainder of permits (76 percent) require multiple days for approval. Of those, most (83 percent for first-time applicants, 77 percent for experienced) take less than a month to obtain. Notably, a greater share of experienced applicants (10 percent) had building permit approval take four or more months, while only 3 percent of first-timers faced that timeline.

“Homeowners who have gone through a permit process once before may be more willing to embark on projects with greater structural or design complexities than first-time applicants,” says Nino Sitchinava, Houzz’s principal economist. “As a result of these complexities, the application review process may extend beyond typical ranges to include additional review cycles by planning, zoning, public works or other local commissions.”

See more survey results here.

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