Houzz Stat: Backlogs vary by renovation sector

Design-build firms have the longest backlogs, at an average of 7.4 weeks. General contractors and remodelers are not far behind, with an average seven-week wait time. 

Backlog” refers to the delay or wait time an average firm faces before starting a new midsize project due to its current project commitments.

While general contractors/remodelers and design-build companies report the longest delays before they can take on a new job, architects also have lengthy backlogs, averaging 5.9 weeks, as do landscape and outdoor specialty firms, at 5.6 weeks on average. Landscape and outdoor specialty firms include landscape architects, designers and contractors; outdoor replacement trades such as pavers; and outdoor product installers, manufacturers and resellers of items such as pools and spas.

Building and renovation specialty firms include replacement contractors (for example, carpenters) and product installers, manufacturers and resellers (of cabinetry, for example).

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