Houzz Stat: Architects feel confident in their uptick of work

Though cool weather brings an expected seasonal slowdown, firms report strong optimism at the end of third-quarter 2017

Architects and designers are feeling confident. Architecture firms posted a reading of 62 for the third quarter of 2017; designer firms, 65. Both scores are slightly below the levels for these groups during the second quarter of 2017, but that is to be expected given the shift of the seasons. The scores for architects and designers are close to the levels of one year earlier, indicating fairly stable demand.

Score for size of architects’ new projects bounces back. This chart shows the components of the Houzz Renovation Barometer: number of inquiries, number of new projects or orders, and size of new projects or orders. In each category, a score above 50 means that there are more firms reporting that business activity is higher than there are firms reporting it is lower, relative to the previous quarter. The barometer, described above, is a simple average of the scores for the three components.

The scores in this chart are for architects and designers. Notably, the score for the size of architects’ new projects or orders is up compared with the scores of both the previous quarter and the same quarter during the previous year.

Download the full report here.

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