Housewares sweet spot: Muffin tins

The craze for cupcakes has helped boost retail sales of muffin baking pans 14% in the 12 months ending September 2010, according to a study from the NPD Group. This is the largest growth among all bakeware types, the market research group reported.

Metal muffin/cupcake pan sales grew 21% compared with last year, representing 90% of all sales in the 12-month period. According to NPD’s National Eating Trends survey, 59% of the cupcakes or muffins were eaten as a carried snack, with 34% reserved for dessert.

Kathleen Cella, director of the NPD Group’s Housewares and Home Textiles divisions, notes that the opening of cupcake bakeries and the popularity of cupcake decorating accessories have helped boost sales.

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